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Leila NEGRAU is a singer and a percussionist from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.  She writes her own songs inspired by the traditional music from the slaves called “Maloya” and “Sega”.  She creates her own style very powerful and sensual at the same time.

The singer Leila released many albums called “Jolie Madame” and “OUMASSI” produced and distributed by Sony or EMI and BMG, in 2011 the new LP “KOULER MALOYA” is born! New songs in live recorded with her band, drum, bass, guitar, keyboard and percussions, a woman’s spirit!!

Leila Negrau in on stage since she is 11 years old, she started by playing Theater, then she becomes professional dancer and now she sings and plays percussions expressing her own feelings with music. Her music is mixed with the “Maloya”  “Blues from the Indian Ocean” coming from an old slave spirit of her Island.

For twenty years she promotes her music all over the world, she did the opening of : Carlinhos Brown, Césaria Evora, Youssou N’Dour, Ceu, Bebel Gilberto at the Francofolies de la Rochelle, the Paleo Festival in Switzerland, in the Sakifo Festival, by the Petit Journal Montparnasse in Paris, at “le Zenith de Paris” for a world TV show seen by about 250 million people, she performed in Germany as well in the “Francophonic” in Berlin and Cologne, in the Femmefunk Festival in New Caledonia…. 
Leila is in the magazines, at the radio, on the TV Shows all over the world…

Somehow she did the backing vocals for many bands in Paris, recording and on stage. For years she animated different TV shows in Reunion Island. By the way she speaks also many languages: Creolish, English, German, French and Spanish, she is also an art director for a company who deals with international cultural projects.

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